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We would like to introduce ourselves as Manufacturers of all types of stain less steel Kitchen Equipments, Steam Equipments, Steam Boilers and Refrigeration units. We also specialise in LPG Line, Steam Line, Fume Exhaust System and Fresh Air System. With our rich experience in this profession we have created a niche for ourselves in this competitive world of Food Industry.

Author Team

Emma Brown
Author of the blog Emma Brown

From Passionate Chef to Innovative Entrepreneur

Emma Brown, a passionate chef who lives in New York, began her culinary journey fueled by a love for diverse cuisines. Gaining experience in high-profile NYC kitchens, she opened “Savor Haven,” a Manhattan cafe in 2018, quickly becoming a go-to destination. Beyond her cafe, Emma excelled in consulting for new restaurant openings and sharing expertise in menu development and staff training. Her innovative approach contributed to the success of numerous New York establishments. An avid writer, Emma manages a blog focusing on restaurant equipment and kitchen technology. Her posts, offering the latest trends and practical tips, have become a valuable resource for industry professionals and home cooks alike.

Author of the blog Mason Taylor

Culinary Excellence via Innovative Design

Mason Taylor, a multifaceted professional, channels his passion for culinary excellence into designing innovative restaurants and selling cutting-edge equipment. Hailing from New York, Mason has become a sought-after figure in the industry. His creative flair extends to crafting unique restaurant spaces that marry functionality with aesthetics. As a seasoned entrepreneur, Mason operates a successful business specializing in restaurant equipment. His keen eye for quality and efficiency ensures that clients receive top-notch solutions for their establishments. Beyond business, Mason is a true culinary enthusiast. His blog, dedicated to restaurant equipment trends, provides valuable insights for industry professionals and fellow food aficionados.

Mia Williams
Author of the blog Mia Williams

Bridging Health, Ecology, and Culinary

Mia Williams, a Health Department inspector, seamlessly blends her expertise in ecology and sustainability with her commitment to food safety. Advocating for eco-friendly practices in the restaurant industry, Mia collaborates with establishments to minimize waste and promote sustainable sourcing. Beyond routine inspections, she conducts workshops, sharing insights on creating a healthier and environmentally conscious food service sector. Mia’s dual role reflects a holistic approach to fostering culinary excellence while prioritizing ecological responsibility.